Artist Achim Lengerer works with questions of language that he either thematizes in his performances or spatializes within his installations. In the last years Lengerer founded different collaborative projects such as freitagsküche in Frankfurt/Berlin and voiceoverhead, a collaboration with artist colleague Dani Gal.
Since 2009 Lengerer runs the travelling showroom and instant publishing house Scriptings. Scriptings functions as a discursive platform parallel
and additional to Lengerer's projects. Artists, writers, graphic-designers, performers as well as publishers are invited – all of which are working
with the formats of "script" and "text" within their processes of production. Lengerer is currently researching on the ‘rehearsal’ as an artistic method as well as socio-political format at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.


Scriptings#41 The re-appropriation of sensuality by Emma Haugh is edited in intimate one-on-one sessions throughout the winter of 2014/2015. #41 will be rounded up with an exhibition and performance in collaboration with Janine Eisenächer and Sonja Gerdes opening the 25th of April 2015 at Scriptings, Berlin.