Download Scriptings#41 An editorial fragment I:
Inflamed Recreation Room by Emma Haugh

We are happy to make available the printed matter "An editorial fragment" by Janine Eisenächer, Sonja Gerdes and Emma Haugh as part of the year long project Scriptings#41 The re-appropriation of sensuality by Emma Haugh. #41 is edited in intimate one-on-one sessions throughout the winter of 2014/2015 and will be presented in spring 2015 at Scriptings, Berlin.

What would a space dedicated to the manifestation of female desire be like? A space of becoming more than a sex club, an autoerotics of architecture conceptualized by and designed for women, a space transcending established and exclusive systems of representation. An-other libidinal economy.?The re-appropriation of sensuality is an ongoing body of work realized via processes of imaginative dissonance, relational otherness and compulsive collaboration developed by the artist in dialogue with individuals and groups from the fields of art, activism, theatre, architecture and cultural theory.

Emma Haugh (Dublin, Ireland, 1974) lives and works in Dublin and Berlin. In her work she applies a combination of visual arts and theater practices, employing a questioning approach towards photographic documentation and representation. Performativity is explored as a technique of critical embodiment and activation based on engagement in specific social situations and communities where work becomes co-authored. Emma has been working with theatre and photography for fifteen years. Her specialisation in Augusto Boals Theatre of the Oppressed has become central to her current working methodologies. 

Download: An editorial fragment I
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