Scriptings issue #33:
Seit ich die Sprache lerne, die ich spreche by Christine Lemke

TIME Doors 8.00 pm / Reading 8.30 pm DATE Thursday 16th of January 2014 PLACE Scriptings / Kamerunerstr.47 / 13351 Berlin The reading will be in German.

In her literary essay “Seit ich die Sprache lerne, die ich spreche”
Christine Lemke takes her job as a German teacher in so called "Integrationskurse/integration-courses" for immigrants as a starting point to
reflect on the ideological implications and pedagogic procedures of learning a language within an overdetermined state controlled setting.

Christine Lemke is an artist and writer living in Berlin. In her videos, publications and readings she works with various types of text/image constellations, using the occurring media gap to explore cultural and historical stereotypes as well as inherent personal and political narratives.

Latest exhibitions of Lemke include:
Mathew Gallery Berlin; Heidelberger Kunstverein and DIVUS,Prague.
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The collaboration with Scriptings continued throughout 2016-18 with Lemke's long time research projec on national state ideology and the so-called "integration courses": #47 Man schenkt keinen Hund