Hilar una frase / Wörter aneinanderreihen / Stringing words together
2016, HD, 33 min., Spanish with subtitles

Hilar una frase / Wörter aneianderreihen / Stringing words together incorporates excerpts of interviews with Pedro Abreu Tejera, Daniela Carrasco, Katty Moreno Bravo and Mauricio Pereyra, who share their experiences with the so-called German “integration” language courses, reflecting upon the system in which these are embedded. What does “integration” mean for the everyday lives of those who take the German integration courses in Berlin?


Karen Michelsen Castañón is a visual artist and filmmaker. She studied Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal and HfbK in Hamburg. Her work deals with the ways (colonial) histories are written and encompasses textiles, photographs, installations and essayistic films. She also works with the association Compa Berlin (explores alternative ways of incorporating the body in education) and colectivo qellcay (decolonial education). She lives and works in Berlin.