Serge Fouha & Jelka Plate
 - Lost in Representation

Schritte International – Sich vorstellen und Kennenlernen für Fortgeschrittene

Lektion 1: Louis Brody * 1892
Lektion 2: Serge Fouha * 1982

Lost in Representation mirrors the biographies of the actors Louis Brody (born in Douala, Cameroon ) and Serge Fouha (born in Yaounde, Cameroon). Both emigrated to Germany in their time. Using the setting of a German language course their answers to the standardized questions “What’s your name?”, “Where do you come from?”, “Why did you come to Germany?” undermine the expectations of the interviewer.

The text is based on an Interview with Serge Fouha by Jelka Plate and
Tobias Nagls text „Louis Brody und die unsichtbaren Männer des Weimarer Kinos“ in: Die unheimliche Maschine – Rasse und Repräsentation im Weimarer Kino


2016, Audio, 12 min

Serge Fouha is an actor and director for film and theatre. He was trained at the theatre company Ngoti in Yaounde, Cameroon, Espace Gambidi Ouagadougu in Burkina Faso, Filmarche e.V. Berlin and was a fellow of Internationales Forum Theatertreffen Berlin 2011. He worked - amongst others - with Martin Ambarra, Lukas Fusi, Bernadette LaHengst, Bernd Freitag, Ulrich Köhler. He lives and works in Berlin since 2011.

Jelka Plate studied Fine Arts as well as set and costume design at HfbK Hamburg. Her artistic research practice is mostly based on interviews. Her work was shown at e.g. Deveron Arts Scotland, Skulpturenpark_Berlin Zentrum, thealit Bremen and Goethe Institut Ouagadougou. As a set designer, she works amongst others with the performance group Hajusom – transnationale Kunst, Bernadette LaHengst and Vanessa Stern. She lives in Berlin.